And he has one of the highest IQ scores ever recorded. He even credits it for his 192 IQ — better than Einstein or Stephen Hawking.
Yet you have probably never heard of the world’s second smartest man. Some experts say it’s because his intelligence was almost by accident.
The Result Of An Unusual “Smart Pill” He Takes Every Morning.
And he agrees. “This pill makes my brain work better,” says the world’s second smartest man. “By preventing or slowing the brain’s inevitable aging process, it’s sort of like growing smarter.”
But it goes beyond just the world’s second smartest man…
In fact, this new smart pill has already started sweeping American retirement communities.

And some American seniors are experiencing breathtaking results…
  • ​A supercharged memory
  • ​Improved IQ
  • ​No brain fog or “senior moments”
  • ​Crystal-clear thinking
Mark K. of West Palm Beach:
“My Focus and Memory Are Back At Age 30-Levels”
“I was worried when I started blanking out on things that used to be routine.
But they suddenly stopped when I started taking this [smart pill]. Now, I feel my focus and memory are back at age 30-levels.”
Pete, Age 69…
Couldn’t Remember His Locker Combination — Now a Math Wizard CPA
Pete had suffered from progressively weaker memory for 11 years.
At one point he was unable to remember his locker combination.
But within four months of taking this smart pill, he’s now a math wizard.
In fact, he went back to work as a CPA at a large corporation.
Julie Gee, Age 49…
“A Dramatic Turnaround of Mental Sharpness”
Her memory lapses were mounting… She’d forget common roads while driving… And she couldn’t remember a thing she read.
But then she turned to this smart pill, and within four months, she experienced a dramatic turnaround. And she went from scoring in the bottom 30th quintile to the top 90th on an official cognitive test.
All told, 27,432 bottles of this pill have been sold — and whoever takes it reports similar mind-blowing results.
One study found it DOUBLED the memory and cognitive function of 430 seniors in just 24 weeks.
Another study published in Neurology found it not only stopped age-related brain shrinkage in over a thousand seniors, but even boosted brain size, especially in the brain’s memory center.

And get this…
  • ​It has no adverse side effects
  • ​You don’t need a prescription or doctor’s visit
  • ​And it’s 100% natural.
Here’s a map of Okinawa, Japan where I discovered this brain nutrient. An island where they rank No. 1 in cognitive testing and IQ.
“They Produce SEVEN Times
More Geniuses Than Anywhere Else”
And where their elders have virtually no cases of age-related brain dysfunction. Depression and other psychological disorders are non-existent, too.
So I studied their environment, their diets, and their daily habits. And what I found astonished me…
Turns out they consume large quantities of the key nutrient in my smart pill. A nutrient with more proven brain benefits than just about anything else.
This weird ingredient is part of every meal, every single day, in almost every household.
This Had To Be It — Their Hidden Key To Elite Intelligence.
And that’s how I uncovered the “nootropic” that I used to make the key ingredient in my smart pill. The one that makes it so powerful, and gives my patients such remarkable cognitive results.
Did You Know That, As You Age, Some Brain Regions Shrink At a Rate of 0.5% Per Year?
The loss in volume of grey matter is the leading contributor to weaker brain function in the elderly. That’s especially the case in the brain’s hippocampus — our memory and learning center.
But a team of UCLA researchers found that seniors who take the nutrient in this smart pill don’t suffer that same loss. And what they found was remarkable… Their brain’s hippocampus was 14% larger than the placebo group! In other words…
“Their Brains Got 28 Years Younger”
Imagine if you took just one dose of this brain nutrient every single day...
Just imagine what it could do for your brain health.
How much younger, clearer, and quicker you'd think.
How much better your focus and word recall would be.
And how your memories from decades ago could seem as clear as photographs.
You May Event Think Better And Smarter Than At Any Point in Your Life!
It’s a little-known fatty acid called DHA.
I say little-known, but scientists are recognizing this nutrient as the world’s most powerful “nootropic”.
You see, your brain is almost entirely made up of fats — 60% of which is DHA. DHA is essential because it helps your brain grow new branches and renew and rejuvenate itself — so you can keep your brain power and sharp thinking.
DHA’s brain-repairing power is so incredible, it’s even reached the mainstream media. That’s why I’ve made it the key ingredient of my smart pill.
UCI researchers studied how DHA could affect the early development of neurons in the fetus. In the first week, they scanned the neurons in animals with normal and deficient DHA levels.
The study shows that without DHA, your neurons are literally “dim.” They don’t grow as strong or healthy. And they don’t make the connections they need to.
Oxford University researchers wanted to see how DHA could help underperforming elementary school students.
They selected 362 children, ages 7 to 9, with the lowest test scores. They gave them DHA for four months, then tested them again. And the results were astounding…
With DHA, Students Saw Their Reading Scores Surge 200% In Just 4 Months!
They not only caught up with their peer group on reading test scores… but surpassed them!
This is the remarkable brain-boosting power of DHA.
As You’ve Seen, it doesn’t matter…
  •  Your age
  •  Your past medical history
  •  Or what you’ve tried before
This can have a transformational impact on your brain health, too!
That’s why I’ve uncovered the highest dose of DHA on the planet and combined it with a unique “delivery” system…
All to make the world’s most powerful DHA formula.
Calamari or Squid Oil May Be The Most Potent Source of DHA on Earth.
The problem has always been, how do you get the calamari oil? Even if you eat calamari you’re not getting very high concentrations of oil, and if you eat it in a restaurant, it’s usually fried.
But I’ve found a unique squid called illex argentinus that lives off the coast of South America in the pure waters of the Southern Pacific.
After the oil is distilled it’s over 65% DHAthe highest concentration of DHA I’ve found yet.
Krill boosts your Omega-3 levels 60% higher than fish oil.
And that’s the new delivery system that makes this work.

Old forms of Omega-3s don’t have enough DHA. And fish oil just can’t get to all the places it needs to go since it can’t cross the blood-brain barrier.

Yet now, we’ve been able to crack that nut by making sure the DHA in krill oil is attached to its naturally occurring partner: Astaxanthin, the world’s strongest antioxidant.
Krill oil and Astaxanthin CAN cross the blood-brain barrier and deliver DHA’s benefits deep into your brain cells.
The new Omega Rejuvenol is the most powerful nootropic EVER designed, for a “younger brain” with enhanced memory and sharper focus. That’s because it’s the only natural formula that includes…
Squid Oil’s DHA
The most CONCENTRATED source of brain-saving DHA on earth… found in Argentinian squid (calamarine oil).
Krill Oil’s Omega 3s
Nature’s most ABSORBABLE and POWERFUL omega-3s… found in krill oil that penetrates healing power deeply into your brain cells and tissues.
Nature’s most powerful antioxidant, that PROTECTS the omega-3s from oxidation and helps them cross the blood-brain barrier.
Now, for the very first time, you can use the secret of health conscious ‘people-in-the-know’… The high concentrations of active ingredients found only in Omega Rejuvenol are true health gifts.

So, do you want to do all you can to help win the battle against a dulling brain, decreasing cognitive abilities and memory concerns, plus possibly feel years, even decades younger?

It’s time for you to forget outdated fish oil and cookie cutter anti-aging formula and try the one and only breakthrough natural formula with a combination of ingredients clinically proven to…

…unleash the most absorbable and powerful form of Omega-3s (krill oil) deeply into your cells so you can rejuvenate your mind and memory, feel sharper, and look and feel years younger.
Knowing all of what this powerful supplement can do, would it be fair to say that picking up this Amazing Deal for less than $500 is a steal?
For what I’ve shown you, I’m more than justified at pricing the Omega Rejuvenol advanced formula at $119.95 per bottle!
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Do you think that maintaining a balanced, healthy state while maintaining a laser-sharp memory, improving your IQ, eliminating brain fog and your “senior moments”, plus knowing that your brain is getting all of the support it needs is worth a measly $49.95?
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